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    Instead of making the system and rules for today, our mission is to materialize the visions of managers and reflect it to the organization for tomorrow.

If you are considering reviewing the HR system

We will support HR system reform for activating your organization.

Consulting about your worries in HR system, HR development and training, We will help you with the service that suits your situation.

  • They don't what they have to do to get promotions.
  • I don't have the opportunities to receive the opinions and demand of the employees such as personal statement.
  • The emphasis is on experience and it is not stimulating the organization.

We can help you with constructing fair and equal HR system.

Reviewing the career pass system

  • The items and standard for evaluation is vague so the evaluation result is not providing feedback to the employees.
  • The role of the position is unclear and code of conducts is not penetrated among employees.
  • The existing system of management by objectives and competency system is not operated well.

We can review HR system and operation that was constructed by other companies.

Review of Performance rating system

  • The relationship between accomplished result and wage & bonus is unclear.
  • It does not meet the social standard or industry standard.
  • The items of allowance and standard for the current organization or the way of working are mismatched.

Necessity for the review of treatment system that reflect the current organization and achievements

Review of treatment system

  • Evaluators considering the Performance rating as assessment tool only.
  • Evaluations are based on the evaluator's personal view, likes and dislikes.
  • Evaluations are given based on their personal attributions such as sex and educational history.

Highly effective Performance rating training and conduct fair and equal evaluation.

Performance rating training

  • The result of work and the effort during its process is not evaluated fairly.
  • The evaluators are misunderstanding that they have the authority over personnel matters.
  • The evaluations are so different that it takes long time to adjust.

We provide training for performance evaluator, and improve their interview skills.

Performance rating training

  • The general employees' understanding and trust for the evaluation system is low.
  • The general employees' do not understand how to set their goals.
  • There are many employees who do not feel the sense of accomplishment through work.

We will teach them what good goals are like and what the responsibility of explanation is. We will provide practical training for people who are being rated for performance.

Training for people who are being rated for performance

  • Individual responsibilities are not reflected.
  • The evaluators only talk instead of listening to the subordinate employees.
  • The bosses are not recognizing or give complements to the subordinate employees.

Promote smooth communication with their subordinate employees and interview skills for enhanced organizing ability.

Interview training for human resource development

  • The management principles and policies are not penetrated to the employees.
  • They mix up management by objectives and quota management.
  • The rate of goal accomplishment is high even though the performance of the company is low.

Training to have them understand that Management by objectives = Management

Training for management by objectives

  • Lack of communication in workplace. The workplace is not stimulated.
  • They cannot trust the work to the subordinate employees even when they become management.
  • They are overwhelmed with the work as a management and cannot plan for the future work.

From a good player to a good manager Training to learn the basics of management

Training for new managers

We will examine and suggest the optimal training program and review of HR system after hearing about your problems and performance rating system.
Interview and suggestions prior to signing the contract is free of charge, so please consult us any time.

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