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Support for the management and review after implementing Performance rating system


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We can review and operate your Performance rating system whether it was made by us or not.

Based HR system, competency system, and management by objectives but it is not running well. Setting the quality of the system aside, they are not getting the result even though they put large amount of investment and time into constructing a new HR system.

In the background, there are facts such as lack of understanding for the system in management, system of management by objectives stripped of all contents, no periodical implementation of evaluator training (rater training), and system that was never reviewed since the construction regardless of the change in corporate strategy or organizational change.

It is said that "when HR system is started, it is only 30% completed for its objective. The rest of the 70% is up to the operation".

HISAEDA CONSULTING will support the operation or review of HR system that are similar to the ones state below even when it is not constructed. Please feel free to contact us any time.

Content of implementation item for operation and review

Review and operation of performance rating system

  • Evaluation system operated in the way that is unrelated to the management principal and management goals.
  • Evaluation items and standards are vague.
  • The role sharing is not clear.
  • Behavior model is not penetrated to the employees.
  • Performance rating result is not providing feedback to the employees.
  • Performance rating is not applied to HR development.
  • System of management by objectives and competency system that was constructed before is not operated well.
Content ofimplementation
  • Review of evaluation element (such as ability, process, duty, and results).
  • Refine the point of view for evaluation sheet.
  • Reflect the management principle and behavior model on evaluation sheet.
  • Review the evaluation schedule and final decision process.
  • Review the weight of reflection for treatment.
  • Review the interview rules.
  • Compose Performance rating system manual.
  • Compose Q&A
  • Conduct breakdown meetings from organization goal to individual goal.
  • Implement performance evaluator training (HR rater training).
  • Implement management training.
  • Implement explanatory meeting for employees.

And others ...

Review and management of Career path (promotion) system

  • They do not know what they need to do to get promotions.
  • I don’t have the opportunities to receive the opinions and demand of the employees such as personal statement.
  • Employees have no choice of the way of working and work locations.
  • The role and responsibility for each rank and managerial position are vague.
  • There is no frame for employing good experienced employees.
  • There is no female manager. There is no policy for work life balance diversity management.
  • The emphasis is on seniority and it is not stimulating the organization.

Content of

  • Set up specialty course
  • Review the number of rank
  • Review the prerequisite for promotion
  • Compose promotion examination
  • Implement the system of personal statement

And others ...

Review and management of treatment and wage system

  • The relationship between accomplished result and wage & bonus is unclear.
  • They can expect the increase in wage if they work hard.
  • It does not meet the social standard or industry standard.
  • The treatments of lower ranked employees are surpassing the treatments of higher ranked employees.
  • Labor expense is not appropriate for the company’s performance.
  • Overtime allowance is not paid appropriately.
  • There is a difference in treatment between the employees who started earlier and employees who started recently.
  • The items of allowance and standard for the current organization or the way of working are mismatched.
  • The treatment system is not corresponding the globalization of the company.
  • There is no treatment for executives even though there is a clear treatment system for employees.

Content of

  • Review of base pay element (such as pay per performance, pay based on evaluation, and incentives).
  • Review of wage table.
  • Review the reform and abolition of allowances.
  • Review the calculation standard for bonus.
  • Examine the appropriate labor expense.
  • Review the wage regulations.

And others ...

Review and operate retirement system

Content of

  • Abolishment of qualified pension plan.
  • Transition to Smaller Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid.
  • Transition to Defined contribution pension plan (DC).
  • Transition to Defined benefits pension plan (DB).
  • Review of retirement standard.
  • Examine the transitional measure from the current system to new system.
  • Review of retirement regulations.

And others ...

Review and operate education system

Content of

  • Implement systematic OJT system.
  • Implement training for specialized knowledge and skill.
  • Implement training for different classes.
  • Interlock it with career path system (promotion system)
  • Implement educational training and support system for public certification acquisition.
  • Review training for new employees.
  • Implement mentor system.

And others ...

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